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Doing It – Women Empowering Women

There are some books that influence you so profoundly that it would be a crime not to share them. My experience with Doing It: A Sex-Positive Anthology edited Karen Pickering, was one such time. This book is a bold and inspiring compilation of essays from a group of fierce and unapolo read more

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The Quiet American- Review

Unfortunately, when reading books at university, often the texts chosen for you are either written in the eighteenth century (and are basically as intelligible as hieroglyphics), or are so long and tedious that you resort to summaries online just to be able to know what you’re talking read more

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Not a Romance Reader

I’ve never really been one for the romance genre. It’s not to say I don’t like romance novels, it’s more that I’d never really found one that filled me with an urge to read more. Granted, until last year I had only ever read four romance novels, three of them being the Fifty Shades se read more

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