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At For Pity Sake we recognise writers are a diverse bunch with everyone at a different stage of the publishing process. For that reason we offer an extensive list of services to suit the widest possible range of scenarios.

Manuscript appraisals
This is such a big service it has its own section on our website. To learn more click here.

Custom publishing
With over three decades of journalism and communication experience, For Pity Sake people have produced the spectrum – from annual reports and prospectuses to sales catalogues , magazines, even travel journals and personal histories.   Have a publishing project in mind but no idea where to start? Drop us a line at

Writing services
Sometimes authors are not the best people to write about themselves or their work. This is where For Pity Sake comes in, fashioning back cover copy, biographies, synopses, marketing material plus a host of other things authors need to bring their publishing projects to fruition. We also offer ghost and memoir writing and/or recording services. To learn more email us at

An integral part of our discussions with writers that want to join our stable is about investment and funding. We aim to attract writers who believe in their work and who want to share the financial risk with their publisher to make their work a success. That way we all share in the profits. While collaborating with emerging and existing writers in this way is our preference, that’s not to say For Pity Sake wouldn’t take on 100 percent of the risk if we felt the return would warrant it. If we were to do this, however, it would mean the author receives less of a return, that’s all. We believe that by opening the door to these type of discussions the author and the publisher can commence their relationship on an equal footing, sharing the risk and working collaboratively towards everyone’s success. If you like the sound of this approach, please email us at and start the discussion.

Having a good editor is a great asset to a writer. A good editor gives a writer new perspective on their work, and helps them find their own ‘voice’ and divine the most compelling narrative structure. Ultimately, our editors aim to help writers produce the very best work they can. We think quality editing is imperative at any stage of a work but particularly from the outset when the scoping and story development happens. If you have a particular enquiry please email

Copy editing
Copy editing is often confused with proof reading for typographical and grammatical errors. But it’s so much more than that. Copy editing encompasses fact checking, style, narrative anomalies and the general cohesion and flow of the work. It’s an important step in the process towards a final, publishing ready manuscript – one that is often missed and misunderstood. Drop us a line at if you’d like to know more.

Proof reading is the last thing that happens to a typeset manuscript before it is ready to go to print. It’s often confused with copy editing because it happens during that wider process as well. Proof reading can be a one-off activity but we don’t recommend it as a stand alone. It’s much more effective and efficient as part of a coordinated effort to eliminate typographical and grammatical errors from a manuscript. Drop us a line at if you want to know more.

Cover design
More and more readers are choosing books by their cover. Make sure yours has a great one! Drop us an email for more information –

Style and formatting
Good internal style and formatting can make your book more appealing to read. Also, in this digital age, you can make internal style and design work well for all formats. Let us know if you’d like to know more –

With the digital revolution has come the ability to Print on Demand, dispensing with the need for expensive first print runs, warehousing and inventory. We can tell you more about this if you email

Narration sourcing and direction
We believe digital audio books are a wonderful innovation and one that is yet to come into its own. That’s why we encourage most authors to seriously consider this medium to ensure maximum reach for their work. For Pity Sake Publishing offers this service to source potential narrators for a work and to provide direction for the chosen narrator from experienced theatre professionals. This direction and support can also be provided to the author in the event they wish to narrate their own work. For Pity Sake also has a valuable relationship with audio production companies with extensive audiobook experience.  Drop us a line at is you are interested in hearing more.