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At For Pity Sake Publishing we’re sticklers for covering all the marketing bases – the four Ps if you will – Product, Price, Promotion and Place or the ‘where do you get it?’ factor. In the traditional publishing realm, the author is quite often disconnected from these marketing decisions that are crucial to the success of any book. Even worse perhaps, with the advent of the internet and social media, writers are often left to their own devices to promote and sell their work.

Like most things in life (and publishing for that matter), the sum of marketing is greater than its parts, and no part alone will get the job done. We also believe that no one can market their work as well as you can. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. For Pity Sake has a ‘marketing brains-trust’ with offerings designed to help writers at any stage of the publishing cycle.


Ebooks have, no doubt, revolutionised book sales but the physical distribution and retail supply of books should not be written off as a highly effective piece of the marketing puzzle. For Pity Sake and our trusted distribution partner, Dennis Jones and Associates, are able to help writers come to grips with the complex distribution question and to determine what type of commitment is right for them. If you’re interested in this aspect of getting your work out there, please email


Book sales today means so much more than buying a book at a book store. Previously this part of the process was monopolised by the publishers, distributors and retailers. But with the advent of web sites and social media, authors have a much greater role to play in the sales of their work than ever before. Like to know more? Please email us at

Social media

Speaking of social media, you may already be doing a lot on your own or you may be completely bewildered by the whole deal. Not to worry. Wherever you are on your social media journey, For Pity Sake can assist you in harnessing this powerful tool to build your community and broadcast your work to the widest possible audience. Drop us a line at or follow us on Twitter or connect with us on Facebook

Content management 

Building a community around your work through blogs, tweets or posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, takes a lot of work. The importance of frequency, theming and interesting ‘on message’ content cannot be overstated. When you, the writer, are focused on your work, it’s nice to know that you can get some help with this important marketing activity. For Pity Sake offers tailored content management support for authors who are wanting to build or grow their online communities. If this sounds interesting to you, please let us know at 

Publicity and Promotion

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about,” said Oscar Wild and we agree to an extent. For Pity Sake Publishing and it’s public relations partner, Blackie McDonald, take the view that ‘one hit wonder’ publicity is nigh on useless if all the other marketing ducks aren’t in a row, so to speak. We prefer a sustainable integrated, holistic communication approach that links strongly to an author’s values and message, but leverages the communities of interest built around work via websites, social media, media coverage and live events/book signings. Collaboration is our middle name when it comes to promotion and publicity, and we encourage our writers to work closely with us on this essential part of the book publishing story.

For more information, please email 

Affiliate marketing

Most online retailers will pay a small consideration for visitors directed from an author’s website to a retailer’s website to buy some books. It’s called affiliate marketing – where your site becomes a feeder to an online retail outlet that subsequently makes a sale. We know it works because we’ve done it successfully many times for several different authors. The individual sale commission amounts are not huge but they are another way for an author to make something other than a royalty, from helping to sell their own books. Sound interesting? Drop us an email at