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There is never just one way forward. Being a writer is a solitary road for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

So, where are you in your writing endeavours?

  • A new, never before published author?
  • A genre-buster – writing in untried or blended genres?
  • A self-published author or contemplating self-publishing?
  • An established author who no longer has a home with a traditional publisher?
  • A published author who wants to maximise your investment in your own brand via websites, social media community building and other promotional efforts?

Wherever you are on your writer’s journey you probably would love someone to talk with…


For Pity Sake Publishing comprises experienced writers, digital entrepreneurs, social media and marketing communication specialists. So don’t beat you head on the desk – call us for a chat now! We’ve seen the gamut of challenges faced by writers in this ever changing world of publishing, and we are happy to apply this knowledge to your particular situation. call us on 0478 099 076 or drop us an email at


At For Pity Sake we recognise writers are a diverse bunch with everyone at a different stage of the publishing process. For that reason we offer an extensive list of services to suit the widest possible range of scenarios.

  • Manuscript appraisals
  • Custom publishing
  • Writing services
  • Funding
  • Editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofing
  • Cover design
  • Style & formatting
  • Printing
  • Narration sourcing & direction

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It’s a brave new digital world, that’s for sure. Even though many of us love books and the printed word, it’s impossible to ignore the impact ebooks and digital publishing continues to have on the worlds of writers and readers.

  • Website development
  • Content development
  • Website management
  • Website hosting
  • Subscriptions management
  • Security

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For Pity Sake Publishing applies the full range of traditional, social and digital marketing approaches. We assist our authors in the process of gaining the more targeted distribution in independent and chain booksellers across the country and internationally.

  • Distribution & sales
  • Social media
  • Content management
  • Promotion
  • Affiliate marketing

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