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For Pity Sakers are dedicated professionals who are seeking to redefine publishing as we know it for the benefit of writers and readers alike!

Jen McDonald – Principal

Jen has long dreamed of being a published author and has been blogging towards that goal for the past five years. But it took a breast cancer diagnosis in late 2013 to galvanise her into action. Rather than wait for manifold rejections (or worse, silence) from established publishers for her collection of blogs on Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (entitled Vegetarian Vampires and what we can learn from them) she decided to start her own publishing company. You’re looking at it. This little venture was named for her father, Keith McDonald, a media executive, journalist and admirer of the written word, who also used to say ‘for pity sake’ a lot! For more information visit

John Cozzi – Chief Marketing Officer

John Cozzi has a long history in advertising and marketing in newspapers and publishing, in Australia and his native U.S. More recently John has played an integral management role in various startups, in particular Spend-Well, one of the first Australian ‘shop and give’ websites leveraging social media networks and retail affiliations for individual charitable giving. After many months acting as a sounding board and devil’s advocate for the founder, John formally joined For Pity Sake Publishing as Chief Marketing Officer in early 2014.

Dave Burton – Editor in Chief

David is a Brisbane-based award-winning writer. His best known work is for theatre, particularly April’s Fool, which toured nationally in 2012 and was published by Playlab. His other works include Boomtown for the Queensland Music Festival (2013), Orbit (2013), and numerous works for The Grin and Tonic Troupe. Hedonism’s Second Album and Lazarus Won’t Get Out of Bed are also published by Playlab. In 2014, David won the Text Prize for Young Adults and Children’s Writing for his memoir How to Be Happy, which will be published in 2015. For more information visit