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Hooked on Romance

I have a bone to pick with Diana Thompson. With her debut novel Winterflood’s Passion and the second in her Bowral-based series, Unbridled Passion, Diana has made me into a reader of romance novels! read more

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Making more with less: Creative entrepreneurship

Many creatives put pressure on themselves to make a business out of their art. This is a tremendous pressure that can sometimes warp the artistic process, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Once you start looking at yourself as a business, however, you begin to realise how littl read more

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The secret to growing your blog’s audience

Every single successful blogger will happily tell you the most common question they receive. There’s a key mystery at the heart of their lives that they seem to have solved, while the rest of us are utterly bewildered:  How do I grow my blog’s readership?  It’s a question I heard arti read more

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Where Were You When the Page Was Blank?

Authors sometimes grumble about their editors, and the question I’ve chosen as a title for this post is one I’ve often heard authors repeat. But I’m pleased to say that I have a wonderful editor for my new novel, titled The Swan Island Connection. This novel is a sequel to the first o read more

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Six Sensual Suggestions for Writing Sex Scenes

Here at For Pity Sake Publishing, things are getting a little steamy. We’re preparing for the release of Diana Thompson’s new romance work Unbridled Passion, which is now available for pre-order. We’ve already spent some time with Nick the hunky vet and Jordana, his beautiful lover. U read more

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