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The Earthier Side of the Japanese

by Warren Reed, former ASIS agent and celebrated author Pre-order Warren’s new spy novel ‘An Elephant On Your Nose’ here. Wherever we travel, people in the countryside are generally more direct and down-to-earth than those in big cities. This applies especially to Ja read more

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Letter from Tokyo – A reflection from Warren Reed

  We’re so excited to have announced pre-orders for author and former ASIS agent Warren Reed’s newest book ‘An Elephant On Your Nose’. Here, Warren writes about some of the background to the book. You can order your copy now by clicking here.  Quite some time back I was a researc read more

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The rise of the memoir manifesto

The odd little niche that is manifesto/memoir has exploded in recent years. One would have thought the advent of the internet would have quelled, not accelerated, the genre’s (I guess it’s a genre?) popularity. Who would ever do something so pedestrian as go to a book these days for p read more

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Dorothy Johnston’s Swan Island Connection

We’re thrilled to announce that a handful of our authors are part of the NOOSA ALIVE celebrations next week, including our acclaimed crime novelist, Dorothy Johnson. You can find details about Dorothy’s event here. Inspired by real Queenscliff folklore, The Swan Island Con read more

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A Short Story From Diana Thompson

We’re thrilled to announce that Diana Thompson, Sara Dowse and Dorothy Johnston will all be appearing for events as part of the Noosa Alive! Festival next week. Here’s some of Di’s shorter works to remind you of her alluring and effervescent style. It’ll be a f read more

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